Shipping Notes

We ship primarily throughout all of Canada and mainland USA.  All orders ship via the post office.  If you wish to receive your order by courier or other means, please advise us of your method and provide us with emailed, printable shipping labels or other paper work required by your courier or other carrier. 

If you wish to have your order shipped to an international location outside of the USA or Canada, please email ahead so that we can discuss delivery times with you.

Shipping Invoices:
Because each corporate order is custom filled, we only know the weight and dimension of shipping boxes once the order has been filled and packed.  We will invoice you the day before we go to ship your order.

Approximate Delivery times.
(In business days):

Toronto - usually 2-3 days
Ottawa - 2-3 days
Vancouver, Victoria - 5 days
Calgary, Winnipeg - 4 days
St. John's - 7 days
Whitehorse - 7 days
Nunavut - 10 - 14 days
San Francisco - 5 days
New York - 5 - 6 days
Tampa - 5 days
Hawaii - 10 days